Saturday, February 14, 2015


As a child, Maw Maw tried to teach me to tat.  I was all thumbs and not interested at all. 
A few year ago, I tried again by going on the internet and searching out articles and trying on my own.  I was interested but still all thumbs.
It went on my retirement bucket list.  I saw a listing on Craftsy for a tatting class.  The
Tatting Course looked interesting and I figured I would try again.   Third time was the charm and I have yet another passion. 
It was hard at first because the thread I had available was tiny.  I found some larger thread and my husband bought me more for Valentine's day.  If you decide to take up tatting, I suggest checking out the web for your thread.  Handy Hands sent me a catalog along with samples of thread in different sizes.  That was when I fell in love.  I needed that size 3 thread to learn.  Such a big difference. 
I am far from being good but I am having fun.  I have been able to connect to my heritage.  I always laughed that Maw Maw and Mother couldn't read a pattern.  They looked at something and figured it out.  Now I really understand why.  I have had fun playing and learning.  Looking forward to being able to share the craft in the form of gifts. 

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